barin van krugel

290 kolapa place, b2
kaunakakai` hawaii 96748
United States
Work +01.808.553.3999
Home same
Mobile +01.808.336.0514

Baha'i living in Moloka'i, Hawaii. I have a couple bikes, guitar, Della, which I intend to play, more and better AND a 13 yr.old Optiplex (computer), Bob. Go Bob! Our world is changing, and I think we best be ready to be useful; and can be, and that's what I'm up to here in paradise; here for those of us who want to work together and build unity and aloha as we come to understand the value of our human lives at this precious nexus of propitious probabilities. For we who have chosen to live, work and play here, especially on Planet Earth; I am, and will continue to do what I can to co-operate and participate - constructively. Aloha all! _barin van krugel, della & bob

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